Original Skateboards Apex 40 Diamond Drop

Original Apex 40 Diamond Drop Deck

Orignial Skateboards Apex 40 Diamond Drop (Deck only!)


  • PK Noseguards black
  • Lasercut Griptape


Want. Need. Slide.

Change the way you ride. From freestyle to freeride, cruising/carving, and light downhill, the new Apex 40 DiamondDrop pushes the possibilities the moment your feet hit dat drop. With a new wider standing platform, more concave, added wheel wells, + deleted gas pedals, the reinvented Apex is your upgraded go-to.

Understated Durability.

Stiff quad axial fiberglass, reinforced carbon fiber in-lays, and patented PK noseguards mean stronger versatility for your best all-in-one quiver killer. Daydream no more. You need to see a DiamondDrop in the flesh.

Symmetrical Simplicity.

Symmetrical for a reason. Whether it be nollies, fakie tre flips, or switch no complys, either end of the Apex 40 DiamondDrop provides the same massive pop and performance.

Breakfast Time.

The deeper cereal bowl concave on the re-invented DiamondDrop does more than just keep you locked in. With continuous concave throughout the drops, your feet will always have a point-of-reference providing consistency through slides, an enormous sweet spot to catch tricks, and comfort while cruising. Quench your thirst for concave. It’s breakfast time.


Origina Apex 37 Diamond Drop Deck
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